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We won Best in Show at the Dragon*Con 2012 Masquerade Costume Contest

We won Best in Show at the Dragon*Con 2012 Masquerade Costume Contest

Leah D’Andrea (Chloe Seachord of the Apparition Abolishers) demonstrates her new mechanical steampunk wings at the Gadgeteer’s Showcase during Dragon*Con 2012. The wing mechanism was fabricated by Chris Lee (Dr. Torque of the Abolishers). Leah won Best in Show at the Dragon*Con 2012 Masquerade Costume Contest. The wings are...

Steampunk wings mechanism close-ups

Apparition Abolishers Steampunk Wings Detail 1

Here are a few close-up pics of the steampunk wings mechanism.

Successful test of steampunk wings controlled from iPhone app

Here’s a short demo of Chloe’s new steampunk gear-driven wings being controlled from a custom iPhone app. The app is being developed by a great friend and colleague of the Abolishers, Eric Kremer, and so far it’s working perfectly. For the wings, there are two simple commands available: Deploy...

Close to completion on the steampunk wings build

2012-08-15 22.04.29

Looking forward to showing these off at Dragon*Con 2012!

Another update to the steampunk wings build

2012-08-11 15.23.51

Steampunk wings build update

Wanted to get a few more pics of the progress being made on Chloe’s new steampunk gear-driven wings.

Steampunk wings build update: Motion test

With everything put back together after replacing the metal fan staves with wood versions, It was time for a motion test. I attached the innermost staves to the chassis. they will remain stationary, pointed down. The outermost staves on each side are attached to the large outer gears. These...

Steampunk wings build update: Wood staves

After deciding against using the metal sign holders as wing fan staves, I needed something else sturdy and attractive, but lightweight. Square profile hardwood dowels were my first choice. I removed all of the metal staves, and rounded off one end of each of the square dowels on the...

Steampunk wings build update: Metal staves

The original idea for the fan staves was to use steel yard sign holders. They have two loops at the end which looked cool, and they were stiff enough to support the weight of the fabric that ill be encasing them. I figured I would use eye bolts to...

Steampunk wings build update: Original concept

The original concept for Chloe Seachord’s new set of wings came from fellow Abolisher Scott Gipson. He came up with three concepts, and this one, resembling folded paper fans was selected by Leah/Chloe as her favorite. I set out to fabricate his idea as closely as possible. I started...