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Power Pack rebuild progress report

We’ve been spending a lot of time and energy on rebuilding the power packs. They were completely stripped down, and most elements were replaced or refurbished. The two packs now are almost identical in all aspects. We’ve tried to reduce the weight while maintaining durability. Some exciting new features...

Unloading the trailer at Dragon*Con

Adam and Christopher carry one of the Torque Labs equipment crates with a couple of power packs riding on top. We had to make several trips with several carts to get everything up to our rooms at the Marriott.

Portable Power Packs

Portable Power Packs – Worn by Mssrs. Torque and Peck, and carried by Scrappington Hauley The portable power packs are a crucial component in the Abolishers’ arsenal. They are designed to generate steam on demand for the weapons and equipment used by the team. For weapons such as Brassy’s...


Weapons and Equipment The Apparation Abolishers make use of custom-built weapons and other unique equipment from the laboratory of Dr. Torque. Plasma Pistols Primary weapon of Jasper Dunlap Rusty Koontz™ Primary weapon of Brassy Galore Sonic Blunderbuss™ Primary weapon of Sir Quincy Peck The Device Used by Dr. Torque...