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Meet H.A.R.O.L.D.E.

In the mid 1870’s,TORQUE Laboratories was well on its way to being the world’s most in-demand company to do business with. Everything that TORQUE put on the market was gold in the eyes of the investors. He had patents ranging from top-secret military contraptions all the way down to...

New Amsterdam Times

This fun little extra tidbit of the Apparition Abolishers universe was written by none other than our very own Christopher Harvey (aka Sir Quincy Peck.) Be sure to click the image to enjoy it’s full capacity. It’s a nice big size perfect for a screen saver or wallpaper. Also,...

Unloading the trailer at Dragon*Con

Adam and Christopher carry one of the Torque Labs equipment crates with a couple of power packs riding on top. We had to make several trips with several carts to get everything up to our rooms at the Marriott.

Torque’s Lab is coming soon!

From Adam Baker’s blog:

The Road to MidSouth Con – JASPER

Last but not least, we have Jasper Dunlap to round out the Apparition Abolishers. This concludes the portraits that will appear on the upcoming poster that will be available (from us) at the MidSouthCon in Memphis. Next week will be the first look at the poster, although I might...

Torque’s Lab – thumbnails part 2

From Adam Baker’s blog:

Torque’s Lab – thumbnails part 1

From Adam Baker’s blog:


Weapons and Equipment The Apparation Abolishers make use of custom-built weapons and other unique equipment from the laboratory of Dr. Torque. Plasma Pistols Primary weapon of Jasper Dunlap Rusty Koontz™ Primary weapon of Brassy Galore Sonic Blunderbuss™ Primary weapon of Sir Quincy Peck The Device Used by Dr. Torque...