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Expo Sneak Peek: Not Just Some Mangy Coyote

  We’ve had excellent response to our Kickstarter effort the past few days, so as a reward to our donors (and an enticement for those of you who have not yet donated,) here is a sneak peek at the chupacabra that you will be able to see at our...

Creature Tuesday: La Chupacabra

Stalwart Abolisher Jasper Dunlap has had more than his fair share of encounters with this loathsome creature. The chupacabra is well-known among the pioneers of the West as a capricious, tenacious predator of livestock, particularly when it comes to goats. Packs of these murderous beasts can eliminate an entire...

The Steampunk World’s Fair

We are quickly approaching the Steampunk World’s Fair which is held May 20th – 22nd in Somerset, New Jersey. Unfortunately, the Abolisher’s will be unable to attend this amazing event, but we felt that we needed to share one of the stunning posters for this year’s event. This beautiful...

From the Archives: Jasper Dunlap

  Jasper Dunlap aided Wyatt Earp as part of the “Dodge City Peace Commission,” June, 1888.

New Amsterdam Times

This fun little extra tidbit of the Apparition Abolishers universe was written by none other than our very own Christopher Harvey (aka Sir Quincy Peck.) Be sure to click the image to enjoy it’s full capacity. It’s a nice big size perfect for a screen saver or wallpaper. Also,...

Jasper Dunlap at Dragon*Con 2010

Dragoncon_2010_9_4_0313 Originally uploaded by Hueyatl

Butts n’ Ribs

Brassy and Jasper find their exact value.

The Road to MidSouth Con – JASPER

Last but not least, we have Jasper Dunlap to round out the Apparition Abolishers. This concludes the portraits that will appear on the upcoming poster that will be available (from us) at the MidSouthCon in Memphis. Next week will be the first look at the poster, although I might...