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Steampunk wings mechanism close-ups

Here are a few close-up pics of the steampunk wings mechanism.

Successful test of steampunk wings controlled from iPhone app

Here’s a short demo of Chloe’s new steampunk gear-driven wings being controlled from a custom iPhone app. The app is being developed by a great friend and colleague of the Abolishers, Eric Kremer, and so far it’s working perfectly. For the wings, there are two simple commands available: Deploy...

Close to completion on the steampunk wings build

Looking forward to showing these off at Dragon*Con 2012!

Another update to the steampunk wings build

Steampunk wings build update

Wanted to get a few more pics of the progress being made on Chloe’s new steampunk gear-driven wings.

Steampunk wings build update: second gearmotor test

Since the first gearmotor ran too fast (and too loud) and had to be oriented backwards to mount properly, I replaced it with a different one. This one is more powerful, runs quieter, and its shaft exits axially from the front of the gear housing. This means the motor...

Steampunk wings build update: first gearmotor test

The motion of the wings will be driven by a gearmotor controlled by an Arduino. The gear motor shaft has a sprocket that drives a chain that in turn drives another sprocket attached to the same shaft as one set of the smaller waterjet-cut gears. The first test used...

Steampunk wings build update: attaching gears with shaft collars and clamping hubs

Once the fan stave mounts were drilled, I concentrated on attaching the gears to the 1/4″ shafts. I want the gears on the same shaft to turn together, so each gear needed to be drilled and mounted to a hub that could clamp to the shaft. I obtained the...

Work begins on Chloe Seachord’s new steampunk wings

Today we received some parts that we had waterjet cut from 5052 aluminum by the awesome Big Blue Saw shop. These will be the base for the mechanism that will open and close Chloe’s v2.0 steampunk wings. The parts were designed and laid out by Chris Lee (a.k.a. Dr....