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Contraption Thursday: Grover Marland the Second

Making his debut at this Exposition is Brassy Galore’s faithful metal companion, Grover Marland the Second. Brassy encounters more than few spooks and spirits in her line of work, and most of them are not at all civilized. For detection of such malevolent beings, Brassy is always sure to...

Brassy Galore at Dragon*Con 2010

Dragoncon_2010_9_4_0311 Originally uploaded by Hueyatl

Certificate of Achievement

We got “our” certificates for winning best in show at Midsouthcon.

Butts n’ Ribs

Brassy and Jasper find their exact value.


Weapons and Equipment The Apparation Abolishers make use of custom-built weapons and other unique equipment from the laboratory of Dr. Torque. Plasma Pistols Primary weapon of Jasper Dunlap Rusty Koontz™ Primary weapon of Brassy Galore Sonic Blunderbuss™ Primary weapon of Sir Quincy Peck The Device Used by Dr. Torque...