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Close to completion on the steampunk wings build

Looking forward to showing these off at Dragon*Con 2012!

Another update to the steampunk wings build

Steampunk wings build update

Wanted to get a few more pics of the progress being made on Chloe’s new steampunk gear-driven wings.

Steampunk wings build update: attaching gears with shaft collars and clamping hubs

Once the fan stave mounts were drilled, I concentrated on attaching the gears to the 1/4″ shafts. I want the gears on the same shaft to turn together, so each gear needed to be drilled and mounted to a hub that could clamp to the shaft. I obtained the...

Work begins on Chloe Seachord’s new steampunk wings

Today we received some parts that we had waterjet cut from 5052 aluminum by the awesome Big Blue Saw shop. These will be the base for the mechanism that will open and close Chloe’s v2.0 steampunk wings. The parts were designed and laid out by Chris Lee (a.k.a. Dr....

Building an aluminum replica of a victrola phonograph horn (part 2)

The aluminum flashing is razor sharp along the edges, so cutting by hand with shears can result in some nasty cuts. So I broke out the trusty air tools. This air shear glides through the flashing like an air-powered hot knife through metallic butter.   And here’s the finished...

Building an aluminum replica of a victrola phonograph horn (part 1)

For an upcoming event we realized the need for several metal victrola phonograph horns. After searching the web and finding that brass replicas cost several hundred dollars each, I decided to try our hand at fabricating them myself. The ultimate goal is to make these from sheet brass with...