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The Steampunk World’s Fair

We are quickly approaching the Steampunk World’s Fair which is held May 20th – 22nd in Somerset, New Jersey. Unfortunately, the Abolisher’s will be unable to attend this amazing event, but we felt that we needed to share one of the stunning posters for this year’s event. This beautiful...

Ole’ Scrappy

The Abolishers at Dragon*Con 2010

Dragoncon_2010_9_4_0308 Originally uploaded by Hueyatl

The Abolishers at Dragon*Con 2010

Dragoncon_2010_9_4_0309 Originally uploaded by Hueyatl

Come see the Apparition Abolishers at “The Steampunk Exhibition” (SPEX) at Dragon*Con 2010

Come see the Apparition Abolishers at “The Steampunk Exhibition” (SPEX) at Dragon*Con 2010. It will run SUNDAY from 4:00 PM EST until 5:00 PM EST in the Peachtree Ballroom at the Westin Hotel. The Westin Hotel (home to all Steampunk and Whedonverse programming) is only two short blocks up...

Apparition Abolishers seen in Four Days of Dragon*Con Documentary Preview

One of the best documentaries on D*Con I’ve seen yet. A couple of quick shots of us at the end. Four Days of Dragon*Con Documentary Preview

The Abolishers are coming to MidSouthCon 2010!

We have been invited to appear at MidSouthCon this year! This is just a heads up for anyone who would like to come and see us while we are there. We’ll post more complete information soon. Meanwhile you can check out our bios on the MidSouthCon web site.


To inquire about booking us for an appearance, our props and costumes, or merchandise, kindly click below to email us. Email us. Follow us on Twitter. Find us on Facebook. Sign up for our mailing list.


Edgar The Mechanical Bird – Mystical Early Warning System Edgar is the principal component of the Abolishers’ early warning system. This system detects and gives advance notice of potential dangers such as: invisible gaseous clouds hidden explosive charges secret doors and compartments wild animals and unexplained beings tax attorneys,...

The Road to MidSouth Con – JASPER

Last but not least, we have Jasper Dunlap to round out the Apparition Abolishers. This concludes the portraits that will appear on the upcoming poster that will be available (from us) at the MidSouthCon in Memphis. Next week will be the first look at the poster, although I might...