Scrappington Hauley™

Mechanical Mule

Scrappington Hauley (“Scrappy”) functions as the pack mule for the team during missions and adventures by carrying equipment and supplies.

Scrappy is also often sent ahead of the team into uncertain situations for reconnaissance and remote surveillance. Guidance is achieved by using the Mallardian Steerage Apparatus™ which employs organic global positioning and a radio-telegraph wireless linkage between the operator and the infernal contraption. Primary power comes from a large Emeraldic Energy Extrapolator™ mounted on the rear of the chassis.

Scrappy is able to function autonomously when navigating through Dr. Torque’s secret underground laboratory thanks to the recent facility-wide installation of multiple wireless directional devices of the doctor’s own design.

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  • edgemund Smythe (crazy hand guy)
    16 Dec 2011

    He was less of an r2 at gmx. I approve for the most part

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