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Apparition Abolishers Rusty Koontz Poster Limited Edition

Primary weapon of Brassy Galore

Dr. Torque initially fashioned a dainty, lady-like weapon for Brassy, but she subsequently demanded the largest hand-held weapon the doctor could make. Amused and intrigued, the good doctor created a steam-powered weapon over five feet long – with double barrels of brass that fires large, explosive, charge-reversing shells. Brassy dubbed the weapon Rusty Koontz and mounted a skull over the sight on the top of the cannon, facilitating an unshakeable, spirit-guided aim.

The cannon includes dual Aether Density Attenuators™ and a patented recoil-absorption system. Future upgrades will include a counter-balanced active suspension harness for better mobility. Until then, Scrappington Hauley has an optional side-mounted gun rack where Brassy can rest the cannon for long journeys.

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