Portable Power Packs

Portable Power Packs – Worn by Mssrs. Torque and Peck, and carried by Scrappington Hauley

The portable power packs are a crucial component in the Abolishers’ arsenal. They are designed to generate steam on demand for the weapons and equipment used by the team. For weapons such as Brassy’s Heavy Cannon and Peck’s Sonic Blunderbuss, it would be impractical (nigh impossible) to include an adequate steam boiler within the weapon itself.

Each portable pack derives its power from a vertically-mounted Emeraldic Energy Extrapolator which provides the wattage to heat the water in the small boiler at the bottom of the rig. The steam can then be safely dispensed as needed to the other team members’s weapons and gear through the removable high-pressure injectors, shown hanging on the left of each pack in the photos.

Apparition Abolishers Power Pack (Type "A")

Apparition Abolishers Power Pack (Type "B")

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  • john
    15 Oct 2013

    were a small club that does shows for free and fun.Were doing a steampunk show this year and were looking to have our backpack have smoke come out.Can you give me some advice that can steer us in the right direction.Thank you.

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