Plasma Pistols

Plasma Pistols

Primary weapon of Jasper Dunlap

Dr. Torque created this pair of plasma pistols at Jasper’s request. These unique weapons can affect both spiritual and physical foes with equal ferocity.

To keep from encumbering Jasper with an over-abundance of gear on his back, each pistol carries a miniature version of the Emeraldic Energy Extrapolator, which in turn powers each plasma containment sphere. The excess power generated by the Emeraldic Energy Extrapolators is fed back through braided hoses to a small boiler and converted to steam. This steam is, in turn, stored under pressure in the cannisters on Jasper’s back.

The pistols can be switched from plasma to steam power and back, depending on the type of adversary that is encountered. Japser’s heavy leather gauntlets protect his forearms from any errant steam or plasma discharges.

Jasper has a special fondness for his plasma pistols, and often can be seen brandishing them with great pride.

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