Aerial Maneuvering Equipment

Worn by Chloe Seachord


Leah D’Andrea (Chloe Seachord of the Apparition Abolishers) demonstrates her new mechanical steampunk wings at the Gadgeteer’s Showcase during Dragon*Con 2012. The wing mechanism was fabricated by Chris Lee (Dr. Torque of the Abolishers). Leah won Best in Show at the Dragon*Con 2012 Masquerade Costume Contest.

The wings are deployed by using a custom iPhone app developed by our friend Eric Kremer. The app talks to the Arduino Uno over a Redpark serial cable and SparkFun serial adapter. The Arduino drives the motor, reads a potientiometer for position information, and responds to limit switch inputs through an AdaFruit Motor Shield.

Most of the structural components and large gears were water jet-cut from 5052 Aluminum by our friends at Big Blue Saw.

Here is video from backstage as Leah shows off the wings. Grant Imahara of Mythbusters was the master of ceremonies for the event. You can hear him giggle at the ends when Leah asks him to hit the button to retract the wings:

And here she is again when they announce the Best In Show winner:

And finally here she is during the photographer’s gauntlet immediately following the contest:

Information on how the wings were constructed can be found here.

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Version 1.0 of the wings:

Chloe Seachord Aerial Maneuvering Equipment

These retractable wing-like surfaces allow the lovely Ms. Seachord to glide unpowered and thus silently through the air from great heights with fine precision and control. She sometimes launches her aerial attacks from dirigibles, airships, or other flying machines, as well as from atop tall buildings or the occasional suspension bridge.

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  • Sam bracken
    21 Sep 2014

    I would like to make buzz lightyear jet back with motorized wings using a mechanism like this. Any help?

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