Weapons and Equipment

The Apparation Abolishers make use of custom-built weapons and other unique equipment from the laboratory of Dr. Torque.

Plasma Pistol Plasma Pistols

Primary weapon of Jasper Dunlap
Apparition Abolishers Rusty Koontz Heavy Cannon Rusty Koontz™

Primary weapon of Brassy Galore
Apparition Abolishers Sonic Blunderbuss Sonic Blunderbuss™

Primary weapon of Sir Quincy Peck
Torque Laboratories The Device

Used by Dr. Torque
Torque Laboratories Winnie Chester

Weapon of choice for Chloe Seachord
Apparition Abolishers Portable Power Pack Portable Power Packs

Worn by Mssrs. Torque and Peck, and carried by Scrappington Hauley
Scrappington Hauley Mechanical Mule Scrappington Hauley™

Mechanical Mule
Torque Laboratories Aerial Maneuvering Equipment

Worn by Chloe Seachord

Torque Laboratories Mallardian Steerage Apparatus

Remote control for Scrappington Hauley
Torque Laboratories Edgar the Mechanical Bird

Mystical early warning system

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