The Apparition Abolishers present Dr.Torque’s Traveling Exposition of Curious Contraptions and Fantastical Oddities

The exposition returns to Geek Media Expo this year! Come see all your favorite oddities and contraptions, as well as some new additions!

If you are interested in inviting us to bring Dr.Torque’s Traveling Exposition of Curious Contraptions and Fantastical Oddities with the Clocktease Burlesque show to your convention or venue, please contact us to discuss!

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Our exposition at GMX 3.0 was a tremendous success. We thank everyone involved, and especially those who attended and made for a wonderful time to be had by all.

Something fantastic this way comes when the Apparition Abolishers present their steampunk exposition at a convention or venue near you! Never before has such a stupefying collection of steam powered devices, odd creatures and beguiling ladies been brought together under a single roof. Come experience our gigantic tent full of steampunk delights.

We transport you to a complete Victorian exposition where the lines of science and fantasy are wonderfully blurred. Visitors will walk through and gaze upon all manner of ingenious contraptions and never before seen creatures. Also, for one night only, the Apparition Abolishers will present the alluring and quizzical romp of “Clocktease Burlesque,” a taste of the more titillating side of steampunk.

Is your curiosity piqued? Perhaps you’d also be intrigued to know that on display will be many of the ingenious contraptions designed by renowned industrialist Mortimer J. Torque of Torque Laboratories. You will be able to get up close and inspect for yourself such legendary devices as the Emeraldic Energy Extrapolator Power Packs, the mysterious Device, and powerful weapons such as the Plasma Pistols, Sonic Blunderbuss and the awe-inspiring Rusty Koontz.

If this was not a compelling collection on its own, direct from the webcomic for the first time ever will be H.A.R.O.L.D.E. the steam powered exosuit and the eerily human A.T.T. communication device. But wait, there’s more including Chloe Secord’s Aerial Maneuvering Equipment and Winnie Chester, the long-range werewolf sniper rifle. Scrappington Hauley, the group’s mechanical mule will also be on hand and will be more than happy to pose for photos with everyone.

Take a moment to catch your breath before proceeding to read on about the fantastical oddities that will be debuting at the exposition. Fainting couches can be provided for those of a weak and sensitive constitution. Do not be ashamed if you find yourself unable to go on for not many have been able to face the horrors that the Abolsihers have collected here. From the dangerously dusty Southwest United States is the perfectly preserved specimen of a chupacabra, the fabled goat-sucker that has tormented many a vaquero. Do not expect some mangy coyote – the reality of the chupacabra is much more terrifying. Once you have recovered from the shock of that beast, prepare yourself for the terror of the great white north, the Wendigo! A drawn,gaunt creature that stalks the wilds of Quebec, its head has been secured for your edification here in this collection. Rounding out the creature exhibits is the enchanting visage of the Fee Gee Mermaid. No mere taxidermy trick peddled by unscrupulous showmen, this mermaid towers over the most strapping of men, its power and beauty drawing them into a dark and final embrace under the shadowy seas. Not for the faint of heart indeed!

In addition to the main exhibits, there will be many smaller items and mementos from other Abolisher adventures. There will also be video and audio explanations of the wonders and horrors of the exposition so that you, our valued guest will be safely and studiously guided through this wonderland. The Abolishers themselves will also be on hand during exhibition hours so rest assured, should anything beyond the pale were to occur, you would be in the most capable hands possible.

Beyond the exposition, the night will feature the thrills and enchantments of Clocktease Burlesque. On stage that night will be a show that beggars the imagination, a steampunk-inspired entertainment that will move you in ways beyond measure. The ladies of Clocktease Burlesque will thrill you and amaze you with their provocative and uproarious acts, each one more exciting than the last, culminating in a grand finale that will bring you to your feet!

Throughout the day, there will be various other distractions and excitements. See fire eaters, feats of strength and enjoy the jaunty stylings of a string band. This will truly be an event that will whisk you far, far away from the doldrums of everyday, humdrum life and deposit you directly into the steam powered world of wonder that you hoped was out there, somewhere.


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  • xan stelly
    24 Oct 2011

    hey i loved the show i was the soldier that your group gave a t-shirt too. i just wanted to say i never seen a show like that and it was awesome the art the dancing and the people were great thanks for the great entertainment. if there is another show please let me know i would like to know and bring friends.

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