Sir Quincy Peck

Sir Quincy Peck – Ex-British Soldier, Occult Adventurer

(a.k.a. Christopher Harvey)


Sir Quincy Peck, late of the British Royal Army is, for all intents and purposes, the very model of a British Officer. His family has a long history of faithful service to the Crown with honor and distinction. But it was in India that Sir Peck’s career diverged from his ancestors. He was captured by the notorious Thugee cult, tortured for days and finally, subjected to a ceremony that was intended to replace his soul with that of a demon’s. Upon his return to England, the demon would infiltrate the Royal Court and assassinate Queen Victoria, hastening Britain’s withdrawal from India. But Sir Peck was able to fight off the demon and free himself from the cult.

He realized that there was far more to the world than his military training had prepared him for, so he immersed himself in learning all he could about the occult and the ways to defeat supernatural beings. He has traveled across Asia and Africa, meeting shamans and priests and battling with vampires, were-creatures and evil spirits of all persuasions. He has, in turn, become withdrawn from the rest of humanity, the horrors he has seen have forever separated him from a traditional life. But still, he strives to beat back the darkness, personally knowing what horrors lay in the night.

Peck first gained notoriety while traveling through Cairo. An ancient mummy stalked his hotel, killing the staff and forcing him to seek refuge in his quarters. He had been caught unprepared and the mummy was breaking through the door when Sir Peck used a combination of martial arts, samurai swordplay… and a shotgun to destroy the monster.

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