Jasper Dunlap

Jasper Dunlap – Cowboy Adventurer and Chupacabra Eliminator

(a.k.a. Adam Baker)

Jasper Dunlap of New Mexico territory is the descendent of earlier settlers, the first people who came west. He inherited his family ranch and planned to breed and raise the finest herd of horses in the West, but such was not meant to be. His entire herd was found one morning, torn apart by something much more vicious than a coyote or cougar. Jasper eventually tracked down the culprits: a pack of chupacabras. Though outnumbered ten to one, Jasper charged into the pack, unloading his twin Colt six shooters into the beasts. Out of ammo and still facing three savage chupacabras, Jasper pulled his trusty Bowie knife from his boot and finished the job hand-to-hand.

His ranch ruined, he began roaming the Rocky Mountains and Pacific coast, tracking down other creatures of darkness so that no one else would have to suffer his fate. He developed quite a reputation as a fierce fighter with an ability to face down creatures that horrified other men.

Jasper gained international fame after the semi-autobiographical book, The Fantastical True-Life Story of Jasper Dunlap, Sasquatch Slayer Extraordinaire.

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