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The new Exposition poster for GMX is here!

Clocktease Burlesque “Nocturne Bizarre” Posters Available Exclusively at GMX 2012

These bad boys will be for sale, but they are a limited run so visit our Steampunk Expo room at GMX and grab ’em quickly! $10 each unsigned OR $15 each if you want them signed by the Clocktease Burlesque performers and artists (Christopher Harvey & Adam Baker). (We’re...

Steampunk wings build update: Original concept

The original concept for Chloe Seachord’s new set of wings came from fellow Abolisher Scott Gipson. He came up with three concepts, and this one, resembling folded paper fans was selected by Leah/Chloe as her favorite. I set out to fabricate his idea as closely as possible. I started...

Our expo banners hanging at Steampunk Empire Symposium #steamsymposium

Aloysius was kind enough to let us display our expo banners in the atrium ballroom at the Steampunk Empire Symposium

Contraption Progress – Praxinoscope

One of the contraptions we are building for the Exposition is this steampunk adaptation of a Praxinoscope. Ours will feature animation of another contraption, Scrappington Hauley going about his day. At the current stage, this contraption has working rotation and illumination. The animation frames, more adornments, and some safety...

Meet H.A.R.O.L.D.E.

In the mid 1870’s,TORQUE Laboratories was well on its way to being the world’s most in-demand company to do business with. Everything that TORQUE put on the market was gold in the eyes of the investors. He had patents ranging from top-secret military contraptions all the way down to...

Sneak preview of Scrappington 2.0

Here’s a look at the first step in rebuilding Scrappington Hauley so that he better resembles his appearance in the new design. Head and body cylinder have been removed and will be used for another droid project. New body cylinder has been stripped and placed on the chassis for...

Limited edition Rusty Koontz poster and t-shirts at GMX 2010

We will have a new limited edition poster available at GMX this weekend. plus some new shirt designs! Hope to see you there!

Dreams of Steam (New Steampunk Anthology)

The freshest names in Steampunk literature come together in Kerlak Publishing’s Steampunk anthology “Dreams of Steam”. 17 authors including Nick Valentino, Kimberly Richardson, H. David Blalock, Sara M. Harvey, Angelia Sparrow, Stephen Zimmer, Allan Gilbreath and many more come together to delight you with a book of Steampunk short...

Send Google Earth for a spin with this RFID Steampunk globe (video) — Engadget

From Engadget: Send Google Earth for a spin with this RFID Steampunk globe.