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The new Exposition poster for GMX is here!

Clocktease Burlesque “Nocturne Bizarre” Posters Available Exclusively at GMX 2012

These bad boys will be for sale, but they are a limited run so visit our Steampunk Expo room at GMX and grab ’em quickly! $10 each unsigned OR $15 each if you want them signed by the Clocktease Burlesque performers and artists (Christopher Harvey & Adam Baker). (We’re...

Meet H.A.R.O.L.D.E.

In the mid 1870’s,TORQUE Laboratories was well on its way to being the world’s most in-demand company to do business with. Everything that TORQUE put on the market was gold in the eyes of the investors. He had patents ranging from top-secret military contraptions all the way down to...

The Steampunk World’s Fair

We are quickly approaching the Steampunk World’s Fair which is held May 20th – 22nd in Somerset, New Jersey. Unfortunately, the Abolisher’s will be unable to attend this amazing event, but we felt that we needed to share one of the stunning posters for this year’s event. This beautiful...

Fantastic Postcards from 1910 Depicting the Year 2000

  Urban Ghosts Media is a great online magazine that focuses on abandoned places, hidden history and alternative travel.   They recently posted a few postcards from French artist Villemard and his “Visions of the future” – 1910 postcards depicting the year 2000 . We think they are great inspiration...

Ole’ Scrappy

New Amsterdam Times

This fun little extra tidbit of the Apparition Abolishers universe was written by none other than our very own Christopher Harvey (aka Sir Quincy Peck.) Be sure to click the image to enjoy it’s full capacity. It’s a nice big size perfect for a screen saver or wallpaper. Also,...

Developing the Automated Torque Telegrapher

The Automated Torque Telegrapher, or the A.T.T. for short, is a “little” invention that the great Dr. Mortimer J. Torque created circa 1889. The A.T.T. had a unique way of receiving code and translating messages into hand written script via an automated mechanical arm. Considering the technology of the...

Happy Halloween from the Abolishers!

On the day that the border between this world and the otherworld becomes thin, we hope everyone has a safe and happy All Hallows Eve.

Torque’s Lab is coming soon!

From Adam Baker’s blog: