Contraption Thursday: Grover Marland the Second

Grover Marland

Making his debut at this Exposition is Brassy Galore’s faithful metal companion, Grover Marland the Second. Brassy encounters more than few spooks and spirits in her line of work, and most of them are not at all civilized. For detection of such malevolent beings, Brassy is always sure to have Grover loyally standing by her side. His special mechanical sensory devices are able to detect the faintest traces of ectoplasmic material and his flashing tail beacon provides a warning that is easily seen in dark places. He is tenacious in his defense of Brassy, lending credence to stories of his power source being derived from the soul of a particularly fierce chihuahua.

Come see Grover Marland and many, many contraptions and oddities at our Exposition, starting tomorrow. We are still trying to reach our Kickstarter goal to cover the costs of this huge endeavor, so please donate if you have not. Every dollar counts!


Excuse me, madam. Is your dog relieving its steam residue on my tree?





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  • Steampunk Jewelry Maker
    14 Nov 2011

    Grover Marland the Second looks like the perfect way to stop dogs relieving their steam residues on trees 🙂
    Wonderful work!

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