Expo Sneak Peek: Not Just Some Mangy Coyote


Not just some mangy coyote

We’ve had excellent response to our Kickstarter effort the past few days, so as a reward to our donors (and an enticement for those of you who have not yet donated,) here is a sneak peek at the chupacabra that you will be able to see at our Exposition! We know that cryptid fans everywhere are a little tired of seeing photos of mangy coyotes being peddled as the legendary goat-sucker, so we are extremely proud to have on display this authentic specimen. This is only the tip of a horrifying iceberg that is the full body of the creature.

Want to see more? Then come out to our Steampunk Exposition & Burlesque Show at GMX, October 21-23. We have even more ghoulish oddities to bring you, but we desperately need your support!



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  • Stephan J. Smith
    19 Dec 2011

    Love the sculpture. Looks like a technique I’ve adopted for some of my pieces. I use a modified cloth mache that Dan (the Monster Man) Reeder uses for his art. Looks fantastic…keep it up!

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