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Meet H.A.R.O.L.D.E.

In the mid 1870’s,TORQUE Laboratories was well on its way to being the world’s most in-demand company to do business with. Everything that TORQUE put on the market was gold in the eyes of the investors. He had patents ranging from top-secret military contraptions all the way down to...

The Steampunk World’s Fair

We are quickly approaching the Steampunk World’s Fair which is held May 20th – 22nd in Somerset, New Jersey. Unfortunately, the Abolisher’s will be unable to attend this amazing event, but we felt that we needed to share one of the stunning posters for this year’s event. This beautiful...

From the Archives: Jasper Dunlap

  Jasper Dunlap aided Wyatt Earp as part of the “Dodge City Peace Commission,” June, 1888.

Airships Ahoy!

“Our current airships are approaching the end of their lifecycle, and we saw this as an opportunity to take the next evolutionary step in our airship program,” said Nancy Jandrokovic, Goodyear’s director of Global Airship Operations. Goodyear Blimp Program Commits to Future with New Zeppelin Airships — AKRON, Ohio, May...

International Steampunk City

    International Steampunk City | May 7th & 8th, 2011 in Waltham, MA. Wish our schedules permitted us to attend this wonderful event. Alas, maybe next year.

Scotland Uses Whisky to Create Energy

  The famous Speyside region of Scotland is home to half of the country’s 100 distilleries. They supply Scotland (and the rest of the world) with great whisky, of course, but that distilling process also results in lots of spent grains. Now that byproduct of the whisky-making process is...

Pies Just Might Be Involved

Just a taste of a special one page comic that is an extra feature to the Apparition Abolisher storyline. What sort of ghost is doing the vexing? And whom is being vexed? Will pies be involved? Stay tuned!